Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Date : 21st December 2010                                                     Weather : Cloudy

Well first of all, I just want to update my blog.
I actually went to Japan for the very first time this month.
It was very fun and all.
But I'm just to tired to upload all the pictures and experience here right now...
Maybe some other time, ay'?

Well, since what had to lingering in my mind right now is about cosplay, I guess I'll just talk a few about it.
Cosplay is my life! surprisingly very fun.

I had the chance to do so last week during Comic Fiesta.

It is a 2 days event.
It has artists' booth set up in the hall.
Cosplayers crowded outside of it.
Which was awesome!

To tell you the truth,
I had prepared for this cosplay for months!
But by prepare, it was not physically prepared... it was only sort of planned in my brain...
I had all wig and stuff ready minus the uniform .
Even tried posing with it.
Tch...having headache just by planning for this...
Spot the Pink Raindeer~!!
: D

But my wig gave up on me last minute before CF...
So I had to use my real hair instead...

Since it was my first time cosplaying, I felt awkward and some tension all swelled up inside me.
Well, the main reason was that Kanda was not an unpopular character in the world of anime.
And as a fan Kanda myself, I really wanna try my best to not disappoint all the other Kanda fans out there by ruining his beautiful image!
Which is so freakin easy hard for me to do so...

After my sis talk me out of it(Snap myself out of lack of confidence), I manged to enjoy myself the whole day!
Well, one thing that I'm happy about is that by cosplaying as Kanda, I really don't have to try hard at all!
I'm just like him...in some sort of way...
I was sort of surprised to have ppl come to me asking to take Kanda's picture.
;A; Arigato~!
Or maybe it's just because I was the only Kanda there that day... *slaps self*

Had 2 mini sudden Photoshoot session with 2 people.
They looked like eye bags..

The cameraman said it looked Mysterious~~

Facial expression not Garang enough though...

I managed to get the pictures from the 2nd one...But I've forgotten to give the 1st dude my e-mail..
I guess I lost him in facebook...

Besides all that, I managed to earn myself a few new friends in Facebook.
: D
Kanda: "Moyashi..!"

Kanda looks kinda pissed while Lavi looks like he's enjoying himself.

Epic pose of Kanda and Gintoki!!!

It was all and all an exciting experience!

I would write the whole day if I could. But sadly I'll have to start work tomorrow...
The harsh reality of life...fufufu...but the best part is when I get my pay! :D

I guess that's all for today...

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