Friday, May 7, 2010

Entry 2

Finally got to chance to go home earlier than usual~!!

Finished watching Final Fantasy XIII walkthrough. Currently playing Final Fantasy XII.

Honestly speaking, I don't quite like Final Fantasy XII as the area is VERY detailed and the gameplay isn't very...convenient....

Besides Final Fantasy XII, I'm also playing Final Fantasy VII : Dirge of Cerberus...
The sad thing is, I can only play the Training Mode but not the Story Mode...
~Why must it have to be this way~ (does a slow run to the PS2)

What else...(?)
Final Fantasy versus XIII!!
According to my friend(s), it's release date is during Summer..(next month,perhaps?)
Can't wait for the walkthrough to come out as well, since I don't have enough PURPLE dollar notes to own a PS3.....
It seems that this time Square Enix is making a change for this new game.
Instead of fantasy-ish games (like other Final Fantasy series), they making a version based on reality (AKA slice of Life). That's how they created Final Fantasy versus XIII.
: )
The clothings will be more modern. As can be seen through the short trailers, the type of transportation used in the game is
No longer any ultra-super-awesome techno stuffs.
Despite that, not all are based on reality. Most of the fighting scenes and action are still fantasies.(Unless you can walk on the sides of the building without any attachment)
X )

Final Fantasy Agito XIII is said to be release before versus XIII.
I wonder why...

Fans of Kingdom Hearts (series) and also Final Fantasy VII should keep an eye out for Final Fantasy versus XIII as Tetsuya Nomura will be the director for the game~!

I guess I'll stop here for now.

Next will be informations on mangas~!! >w<~~~*


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Entry 1


Life is like....a piece of mush mellow.
It is soft and sweet but sometimes, taking in too much at once would bored your taste buds.

Went for tuition today. At last we get to learn Chemistry!!!
After such a long time, I finally got the connection of Chemistry. XD

Tonnes of homework keeps piling up. Housework was added onto that pile....

Now. For entertainment. Random pictures~!!!

Didn't know Kisame was that cute... XD

12.18am. Time to sleep.

Damn it....

Anyway, I wanted to post more about Square Enix's games....But time won't allow me to~!!

Have no fear! I shall succeed my mission on my NEXT post!!!