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AFS Selection Camp 2010

Date : 31st July-1st August Weather: Fine/Rainy

While the memories I made there stays fresh in my mind, I've decided to type as much as I possible could remember to share you guys those interesting and educational experience I made there....

As what they say,"live is a never ending journey of knowledge", this camp is one of the example. Most of us would think of it as a game or just some activity to pass time while waiting to be interviewed. Well, for me, it is more than that. Playing those games, we learn to tolerate, that was the point of dividing us into groups. We learn to listen,share, and to understand. And voala! We get a result which everyone will be happy and proud of.
: )

In this camp, we learnt to socialize. It was really fun to see so many people with so many different characteristics/personalities. Well, the only problem was how can we remember 102 names in 1 1/2 days?! XD Well, I guess that's our challenge!
Most of us just remember by memorizing which state each of us came from or better yet, take a peep at their (dangling) name tags before starting a conversation!

All and all, it was all very interesting and exiting. I'll on to the details now, it'll be divided into 2 blogs, 31st and 1st.


Date: 31st July 2010 Weather: Cloudy/Rainy

Had to wake up at 2am to get ready for THE DAY. Felt like a bold thief while carrying a big red beg over my right shoulder and holding my water bottle in the other hand around my flat.

After loading all the luggage into the car, my boat started sailing to neverland until we reach the hotel, Hotel Masuri. :D After arriving, my parents and I went to the lobby to put down my beg and they waited outside the hotel while I brush my teeth and wash up at the washroom there.
(I really fell like a traveler who just happened to stop by and clean up before continuing her journey)My hair was all messy and my face was...well, priceless(not in a good way)...

The camp started off with briefing for both parents and participants. After all those, we were introduced to all the volunteers and chaperons. After all and all,we were given talks again while 6 by 6 were being called out for interview. (doki doki! XD)

We had lunch and continued our day with games or should I say,Energizer. We played 'My Bonnie'. Whenever a word which has a letter 'b', we would have to sit down if we're standing; we would have to stand if we were to be sitting down. Sounds easy but trust me, it's tiring. XD

We were later on separated into 6 groups. Every group will be separated to 2 parts A and B. Each group will be given a title to talk about (About Malaysia) and all infos were to be written down on a sheet of majong paper. I was put in group 5B and the topic to talk about was "Interesting things in my Hometown". I wrote about Penang while other group members wrote about their own states. We have a total of 7 states in our group : Melaka, Kedah, Penang, Terengganu, Perak, Perlis and Kelantan (if I'm not mistaken ^^;). I didn't manage to give my speech as I was later sent for interview.

Waiting was the hardest part of all. And I walked in and saw the faces of those interviewers : ' This ain't gonna be beautiful..' (XD) They asked questions and they thought I had hearing problem as I could not exactly hear what they asked as I was sitting quite a distance from them.
I guess it went...ok..?

After all that,I joined them for the games again. We played another energizer called 'My Big Fat Pony'. You have to skip around the hall and once the song stops, you have to dance in front of that person who's in front of you.(We are all standing in a circle btw) In the end, everyone would skipping together in one big circle~!!

Oh yeah, we will also have a session called Spotlight were the volunteers will shout "Spotlight" and whoever wants to talk in front of 102 students+6 chaperons+7 volunteers can raise up their hands. Well yeah, I raised up my hand while my mind is still totally blank. My speech goes like this: "Hi,my name is Kho Yi Ian (Takes out name tag) Y.I I.A.N,yes,Ian. (WTH?XD) The reason I think I should be chosen to go Japan and also WHY I want to go to Japan is because well, like what the previous girl said, I LOVE SUSHI KING! Yeah,the bento, the ebi, the salmon and all BUT besides all those, I erm...argh! I'm so nervous! (Start jumping setempat)Well,jumping can help you release your nervousness. (Crowd laughs) Well, it's true (still jumping) you should try it! (XD) Anyways, the other reason is because by going there, we can learn more about the culture and stuff. Yes, I do have internet but there are a lot of things that we sometimes have to experience it ourselves. Isn't that why all of us are here? (Crowd answers yes...(I didn't expect to answer actually XD)) And yeah, I can talk more but yeah...time...yeah so..erm..thank you.(bows and walks away *crowd claps*)

Isn't that all humiliating? XD
Ever since then, whoever I saw, they won't remember my name or state they'll just say "Hey, aren't you the one who was jumping during spotlight to release nervousness?" *Laughs slight/awkwardly* "Yeah...that's me..."*continues laughing awkwardly*

Anyway, besides all that, we have to make a performance to show the different races of Malaysia. Our group decided to separate into 3 Malays,will sing 過年 ; Chinese, Indian dance;Indian, Hari Raya Song(If I'm not mistaken it's Suasana Hari Raya(?)).Well, I and another Chinese joined the Malays to teach them a few steps and singing. They know how to sing so it's way easier compared to the others. (XD)

Other groups did short plays. The winning group did a remake of the malay story about a guy who was once poor became a rich man. Despite that, when his mother came to see him, him did not admit her as his mother as he is rich and his mother is so poor.
The remake version was AWESOME!
I won't get to tell all here. It'll be too long. I wonder if there's anyone who would post that video into facebook....(hmm...)

All and all, we finally get to go back to the room,have dinner (my room mates and I totally forgotten about dinner XD) And yeah. After dinner then we have the energizer called Big Fat Pony.
(I jumbled up half of the story)

And so ends day 1 of AFS Selection Camp 2010.....

(To be continued)

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